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Announcing Leith Writing And Editing

I never quite seem to get round to updating this blog as much as I should. In my own defence I’ve been going like a train across on The Scottish Football Blog. So given that I can’t cope with two … Continue reading

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Halt The Progressives

Twitter “phenom” @BevaniteEllie has been writing about the Labour leadership contest on The Guardian’s Comment Is Free site: Harriet Harman is right: a political movement is growing. Labour can seize this moment and become a formidable campaign force again. We … Continue reading

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Don’t Hide From The Real Debate

Mark Thompson confused censorship and editorial morality. Griffin is not censored by the BBC – he is more often on current affairs than most Labour MPs. Thompson gave in to the stunt culture of the BBC and provided a platform … Continue reading

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The Twits

Last week in The Guardian Jackie Ashley wrote about Twitter and caused a bit of a storm by dismissing the whole Twitterverse. It appeared Jackie didn’t quite the point. She’s not alone in that.  The British newspaper industry is stuffed … Continue reading

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In the mid 1960’s my grandfather went on, what we could call today, a fact finding and relationship building trip to the United States and Canada. By then he was in charge of the Orthopaedic Workshop at Edinburgh’s Princess Margaret … Continue reading

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Run For The Hills

So it looks like Hillary Clinton is going to accept Obama’s offer of Secretary of State. You just can’t keep that family down. I think it’s a good choice on the whole. What will it mean for Clinton’s presidential ambitions? … Continue reading

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Local Heroes

A busy day at the BBC. The tabloids denied their extra pound of flesh, Jonathon Ross free to continue at the BBC. Heavily shackled no doubt but free to continue. The big news though was the block put on the … Continue reading

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