Halt The Progressives

Twitter “phenom” @BevaniteEllie has been writing about the Labour leadership contest on The Guardian’s Comment Is Free site:

Harriet Harman is right: a political movement is growing. Labour can seize this moment and become a formidable campaign force again. We can regain the members we lost and those on the left who seek a progressive home. But to do so we, as a party, must trust and invest in our membership, old and new.

I’m not going to linger on “we, as a party must trust.” It’s just nice to know that Ellie and her cohorts are prepared to share the party with those members who aren’t part of their clique.

But I would ask that the word “progressive” is banned from all further hustings. I’m sure you’ll have other watchwords that drive you equally mad.

Let’s replace this meaningless twaddle with some real discussion of policy. The leadership debate can’t be run as a soundbite jamboree.

Candidates falling over each other to be seen as the most “progressive” might titillate the minority in the political elite. It means very little to the people that Labour need to “re-connect” (another bad buzzword) with.

Sadly for Ellie, if she really does want the party to move forward and seize the moment, in Ed Balls she has backed the candidate least likely to do that in the eyes of the movement and the electorate at large.

My vote? I’m not yet ready to declare.

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