Election Fever

The US election, the Glenrothes by election and, more importantly, the Edinburgh council by election for the Forth seat.

A big week all in all.

I was treated to a miniscule insight into how hard it must be for both McCain and Obama in Cambridge the other day.

Having a quiet drink in The Anchor, overlooking the ever peaceful Cam, my tranquility, indeed the tranquility of everyone in every pub within three streets, was shattered by the kind of American who I thought had been consigned to the dustbin of stereotype history.

Loud, proud and badly dressed our Sherman Tank buddy was in the mood for a rant. His general point was that he and his kin were disenfranchised and had been since 2000. The reason for this jettisoning was, and I’m not making this up, that George W Bush was a left wing president elected thanks to a liberal conspiracy in Florida.

I assumed that he had been visiting the American cemetery nearby. Was this, I wondered, why so many people had travelled so far to fight against fascism? Well, maybe, they did die to preserve freedom of speech. Too often, of course, freedom of speech today is used as an excuse for ignorance.

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