Weading The Wiot Act

£16000 a day! £18 million pounds of YOUR money! Loudmouthed yob and BBC millionairre!

A lot of people hate Jonathan Ross.

And, this week of all weeks, that has distorted a lot of issues and a lot of arguments this week.

But last week alone around 10 million people will have chosen to watch or listen to him on the BBC. I would say to the people who spit the figures at us with venom: 10 million viewers/listeners a week is pretty good value for 47000 licence fees per year. We’re not all paying for Ross, a reasonably sized town is paying for him.

More of us pay for big sporting events, news and sundry other BBC output that are less value for money.

But if the BBC shouldn’t pay big stars so be it. If Mark Thompson and the BBC Trust prove today that the Mail on Sunday now dictates policy at a Corporation that has lost its spine then so be it.

But when Ross goes to commercial rival and trounces what the BBC put up against him how long it will take these moral guardians of ours to change their tune and start saying that the BBC no longer offers the mass appeal that a public service broadcaster should?

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