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Haircut 100

Now we are all obsessed with trivia can the tabloids clear up a couple of things? Is David Cameron employing a ludicrously engineered backward comb over to hide a growing Rich Tea biscuit on his crown? Is Andrew Neill using … Continue reading

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Weading The Wiot Act

£16000 a day! £18 million pounds of YOUR money! Loudmouthed yob and BBC millionairre! A lot of people hate Jonathan Ross. And, this week of all weeks, that has distorted a lot of issues and a lot of arguments this … Continue reading

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Something Fawlty In Week Of Scandal

Nice that the nation comes together not to face down our financial problems but to celebrate Halloween with a witch hunt. The mob is in the mood for a lynching. You don’t need to agree with what Russell Brand and … Continue reading

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Dear Georgina

Like the rest of the population I didn’t know you existed until you became the innocent victim of the Brand, Ross, Mail saga. Unfortunately for you, for me and for your family I now know who you are and that … Continue reading

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