Invasion of the Milk Snatcher

So Margaret Thatcher is to have a state funeral. Who cares? If people think she should have one then fine. I personally don’t. I think its a waste of money – although I must admit I have no idea how much such festivals of remembrance cost.

I could think of a number people I feel are more deserving of some sort of public honour than Mrs T. But I also think a state funeral is an anachronism in Britain today so let them get on with it.

But I don’t think it’s particularly becoming the way some people have reacted to the news. Tommy Sheridan thinks she should be burnt at the stake. Others have spoken of what she didn’t do for women. Of the milk she snatched, the lives she ruined.

But, on the other hand, a lot of people did well out of her. And I’m sure they’ve not got a problem with the honour being bestowed on an old woman when she dies.

She was a divisive figure? Of course she was. Churchill was, Attlee was, Brown is, Cameron will be. That is one of the drawbacks of democratic elections. So she was an unsympathetic witch? Well, again, she wasn’t if she related to you.

But Sheridan and his ilk don’t further their cause by continuing to fight old enemies. If the Iron Lady has spent the years since she left office living in the past then so to have the people that fought her at every turn. If they could move on they might achieve something more tangible than being famous for shouting a lot.

So let them give her the funeral they want to give her. I won’t line the streets or watch on TV but other people will. Fine.

The one thing that does strike me is that nobody seems to have taken the Mail on Sunday to task for leaking this story before the Queen has excercised her right to veto. Surely they weren’t trying to bounce Buckingham Palace into agreeing to honour a woman that Her Majesty couldn’t stand?

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