Who’s Sorry Now?

After months of holding Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling personally responsible for the loss of confidential files and computer discs the Daily Mail has found itself in a little spot of trouble.

The Mail’s publisher Associated Newspaper has admitted to staff that a laptop has been stolen. No big deal. Except that the laptop contained the names, addresses, bank account numbers and bank sort codes of thousands of employees.

Associated have advised that staff should, wonder of wonders, check out government advice on identity theft. The loss, which I dare say is potentially devastating to employees, is being blamed on an opportunist thief. Although, in as much as the thief is a product of New Labour’s Britain, I suppose the Mail’s editor and “Voice of middle England” Paul Dacre will be able to blame this one on Gordon Brown as well.

At the same time though Dacre, “Voice of small minded England,” and Bullingdon Club habitue David Cameron may reflect that pride inevitably precedes a fall.

It\'s all your fault, Darling!


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