Candid Cameron Rings Hollow. Again.

David Cameron was in Glasgow today kicking off the “broken society by election.” I’m sure he loved that. But it is the unfortunate lot of the Prime Minister in waiting to hitch his skirt at any passing voters. And so the Tory leader was wooing the electorate of Glagow East who, as a group, he as about as much in common with as Robert Mugabe has with Timmy Mallett.

Today’s rent a quote, drip fed to The Sun of course, was that anyone carrying a knife should be sent to prison. No question. Lock ’em up.

This is not a policy. This is a conversation between taxi drivers at a roadside cafe. Why are so many youngsters carrying knives? Dave doesn’t want to know. That would be far too complex for the vaccuous Etonian revolution in the Tory Party.

Instead of tackling the real problem – Why is this culture increasingly prevalent amongst a minority of young people? How can we begin to reeducate these young people? – the Tories will criminalise a lot of young people who are more daft than crazed. They will place further strain on the prison system and they will turn random acts of teenage stupidity into the first step on the road to a life in crime. Who wants to break society?

Right now Cameron is pretty much untouchable in the polls. He has a decent approval rating and a government teetering on the edge of a collective mental breakdown. He can start a proper conversation on these issues. But he’s either too scared or too lightweight to do that.

So we end up with a leader that is either afraid of finding the right answers or too stupid to try and find them. In other words we end up with a government which is just as bad as the one we’ve dumped.

Ahh, David, how we wait for your new dawn.

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