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Toothless IOC Allow Chinese Censorship

“It is truly sad to see the IOC fail in this regard.” The reaction of Vincent Brossell of Reporters without Frontiers to the news that China has failed to honour a promise it made seven years ago to allow uncensored access … Continue reading

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Moral Bankruptcy….

Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t have anything on Edinburgh. Or so a visitor would think passing newsagents in the city today. The capital’s very own moral watchdog, the Evening News, is screaming from its front page about “Condoms for 13-Year-Olds – … Continue reading

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The New Olympic Trial

So Dwain Chambers won’t be at the Olympics. Justice Sir Colin Mackay told the High Court that, although he views the lifetime ban bylaw imposed by the British Olympic Association as unlawful, “it would take a much better case than … Continue reading

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Another Fine Mess

So Robert Murat has received a massive payout from the press (in full: Express Newspapers titles the Daily Express, Sunday Express and Daily Star; Associated’s Daily Mail, London Evening Standard and Metro; MGN’s Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Daily Record; … Continue reading

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A Grave Situation

So Edinburgh is the most expensive place to die in Britain. Brilliant, another valuable selling point from the roadwork capital of Scotland. Apparently it costs £1600 for a funeral in Edinburgh and only £950 in Surrey. That £1600 doesn’t include … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Milk Snatcher

So Margaret Thatcher is to have a state funeral. Who cares? If people think she should have one then fine. I personally don’t. I think its a waste of money – although I must admit I have no idea how … Continue reading

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I’m A Statistic

I’m a crime victim. A statistic. Another percentage point on figures used to show we are living in utopia or going to hell in a handcart. My bike has been stolen. It was securely padlocked on the landing outside my … Continue reading

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